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Kids' brain injuries from sports can be lethal

With Super Bowl LIII officially over, another sports season draws to a close. This might be a good time for South Louisiana residents to reconsider their children's participation in football and other contact sports in 2019 and beyond.

Gridiron stars are worshipped here in the south. Each summer, kids from all walks of life with athletic talent and that intangible quality coaches call "heart" run foot drills and mix it up against weighted tackling dummies under the relentless sun and intolerable heat, waiting for their moments to shine under the lights on football fields all over the region. But could they be risking their futures with every hit?

Professional fishers face major risk off the coast of Louisiana

The United States has a seemingly bottomless appetite for fresh seafood and fish. Many people in Louisiana find that catering to that appetite is a great way to make a living by catching the fish that winds up on someone else's table. Professional fishing can more than cover the salary of the individuals working on a boat off the coast of Louisiana.

Unfortunately, those workers incur some serious risk every time they go out for a catch. Even in the best weather, the ocean is unpredictable and dangerous. Many people also wind up caught offshore when a storm brews up suddenly. It is important for those injured on the ocean to understand their rights as a worker.

5 tips for driving safely on the highway

For some people, the thought alone of driving on the highway is enough to scare them. Even if you're comfortable with highway driving, you can never lose sight of the many risks that surround you.

For example, when driving on the highway you'll be sharing the road with large commercial trucks. Their hulking presence on the roads and vibrating rumble as they swoosh by causes many drivers to shudder with anxiety as we zoom along at such high speeds, wherein the slightest distraction can lead to the loss of life.

5 Louisiana kids killed in fiery Florida highway crash

In any collision where lives are lost, people have an instinct to want to assign blame to one person or problem. However, sometimes, as in the case of a recent accident where five Louisiana children lost their lives, assigning blame is not so easy.

On Thursday, Jan. 3, on Interstate 75 just South of Alachua, Florida, a severe accident claimed the lives of the five children, who were on a church trip to Walt Disney World. It was a tragic accident resulting from a complex chain of events which could make any litigation for the families an exceedingly intricate matter.

Concussion treatment: Following doctors' orders is a must

A concussion can impact your life in a number of ways. This is particularly true if you ignore the advice of your medical team.

No two people are exactly the same, so you should never assume that "standard treatment" for your injury will be enough to help you overcome it.

Types of traumatic brain injuries: Which one do you have?

The brain is the most important organ in the human body. At the same time, it's the one organ we don't completely understand. Doctors can replace your heart; they can replace your kidneys; and they can even replace your lungs. However, if something happens to your brain, you could be out of luck.

Even though the best medicine for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) tends to be lots of rest and time, doctors have spent a lot of time studying this condition, and a host of medical treatments and therapies can be of great benefit. Doctors have also created the following classifications to describe TBI:

The danger of open water: Tips to survive if you fall overboard

On a boat, nothing is as dangerous as a man overboard scenario. These things can happen very quickly -- a rogue wave, a sudden storm -- and someone who gets washed into the sea may prove impossible to find.

Even a boat that is going "slowly" moves away from someone far faster than people expect. If you've ever jumped off of a sailboat intentionally, you know exactly how this feels. On the boat, it barely moves against the waves. As soon as you hit the water, it feels like the boat is cruising away from you, and it's all you can do to catch up with it.

Get a second opinion if you suspect medical malpractice

Many people look up to doctors as paragons of intelligence and skilled decision-makers under pressure. However, doctors are human. They can make mistakes, judge situations incorrectly or overlook important details, just like everyone else. They may also have deep-seated biases or prejudices that subconsciously impact the way they practice medicine.

Sometimes, when you see a doctor, the end result is not an improvement to your symptoms or condition. Sometimes, doctors fail to diagnose what is wrong with you. Other times, they may place the blame for your issues on an unrelated factor, such as obesity.

Can you bring a lawsuit under the Jones Act for your injury?

Getting hurt at work can be a nightmare scenario. Not only do you end up seriously injured, but you may also find yourself unable to work. That can leave you with few options as far as paying your medical bills.

Not that long ago, this situation was particularly serious for anyone who worked at sea. Employers might not have insurance to cover the costs of an injury, and workers may not have had any right to make claims for compensation after their injuries, even if their employer was responsible for the injury due to serious negligence.

Mistakes by commercial truck drivers can endanger others

When people make mistakes at the wheel, they often increase their personal risk of a crash as a result. They may also create more risk for other people on the roads. People who did nothing wrong and who were driving safely may find themselves suffering severe injuries and dealing with significant property damage as the result of someone else's mistake.

When it comes to commercial drivers, their mistakes very rarely create as much risk for them as it does for other people on the road. The massive size discrepancy between commercial trucks and the average passenger vehicle effectively ensures that a mistake by a truck driver will have greater consequences for anyone in a smaller vehicle that it collides with.

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