5 tips for driving safely on the highway

| Jan 24, 2019 | Uncategorized |

For some people, the thought alone of driving on the highway is enough to scare them. Even if you’re comfortable with highway driving, you can never lose sight of the many risks that surround you.

For example, when driving on the highway you’ll be sharing the road with large commercial trucks. Their hulking presence on the roads and vibrating rumble as they swoosh by causes many drivers to shudder with anxiety as we zoom along at such high speeds, wherein the slightest distraction can lead to the loss of life.

Here are five safety tips to follow:

  • Merge safely: Your highway driving experience starts with a merge, so make sure you’re ready to do so as safely as possible. Know how much space you have, activate your turn signal and search for a gap in traffic.
  • Start in the right lane: The right lane of the highway is where you should spend the majority of your time. If you need to pass another vehicle, move into the left lane to do so.
  • Use turn signals to your advantage: This gives others a clear idea of your intentions. Also, keep an eye out for other drivers who are making turns and lane changes.
  • Beware of large vehicles: Commercial trucks aren’t always the best about sharing the road and staying in their lane of travel. When possible, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and commercial trucks. This gives you more time to react in the event of an emergency, such as a truck that loses control.
  • Remain calm at all times: There’s no doubt that you’ll run into aggressive, inconsiderate drivers every now and again. You should remain calm as you drive defensively. Becoming upset and aggressive can escalate the situation, and that’s not what you need when driving down the highway at 60 miles per hour (or faster).

If you’re not in the habit of following these highway driving safety tips, it’ll take some time to settle in. However, if you continually think about these things, they’ll soon become second nature.

Despite your best efforts, you could still be part of a highway vehicle accident. If this happens, move your car to safety, check yourself for injuries and call 911 to explain what went wrong.

During your recovery, you’ll have time to file an insurance claim and decide on the best way to protect your legal rights.