Answers To Your Brain Injury Questions

If you are dealing with a traumatic brain injury to yourself or a loved one, you are probably feeling a lot of uncertainty about the future. It is natural to be frightened about the unknown. For answers to your questions about your legal rights, contact Gennusa & Piacun. Located in Metairie, Louisiana, we are a personal injury law firm with many years of experience in brain injury litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions that our clients ask our attorneys:

  1. What is rehabilitation like? In many cases, rehabilitation can help a traumatic brain injury (TBI) victim recover all or some of their physical and mental abilities. Depending on the nature of your symptoms, you could undergo cognitive, speech, occupational and vocational therapy, or some combination of these.
  2. How will I pay for long-term care? In the most severe cases, TBI patients who can no longer care for themselves move into a long-term care facility. This service is very expensive, but can be paid for through Medicaid. However, in order to qualify for Medicaid, you must not possess more than a certain amount of wealth. An attorney can help you with this process.
  3. How much can I get from insurance? The amount of money to which you could be entitled from your insurance company and the company insuring the party that injured you depends on the size of the policy. In Louisiana, drivers are required to carry a minimum coverage of $15,000 per injured person and $30,000 per accident. Of course, many times a brain injury costs much more than this.

For more detailed answers related to your specific experience with brain trauma, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. Call 504-662-9590 or send us an email through our Contact page.