Get Help After Medical Mistakes

The law office of Gennusa & Piacun represents victims of medical malpractice in the New Orleans area. Our attorneys regularly help people who have been harmed by doctors and hospitals hold those negligent parties financially responsible for their reckless and harmful mistakes.

Among the types of cases the attorneys of Gennusa & Piacun have taken to court are:

  • Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Hospital negligence
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Medication errors

Complications from a medical error can include permanent disability, terrible pain and even death. These are serious cases that require serious, aggressive legal representation.

The Medical Malpractice Process

In Louisiana, the process of reaching a successful settlement or verdict in a medical malpractice case is long and complex. It is not uncommon for a case to take five years from filing suit to the resolution.

The first step is to present a client’s claim to the medical review board. This board is made up of doctors who specialize in the relevant area of medicine. This panel determines if, in its opinion, there was a breach in the standard of care the accused physician owed the patient.

Depending on the results of that hearing, the case may go on to trial. Medical professionals and their malpractice insurance companies are not likely to offer a fair settlement before trial, and they tend to appeal if the verdict goes against them. It may also be necessary for the plaintiff to appeal a ruling or verdict.

It is also important to note that state law limits damages to $500,000, though there is an exception for future medical expenses.

Aggressive Litigation, Positive Results

Our lawyers have litigated hundreds of medical malpractice cases on the plaintiff side. We have a thorough understanding of how the system works and how judges and juries think. We are tough litigators who always prepare a persuasive, detailed case. We are ready to take any case to verdict if that is what it takes.

Injured By A Medical Professional? Speak To An Attorney.

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