Here To Help After Surgical Errors Or Misdiagnosis

Located in Metairie, Louisiana, the law firm of Gennusa & Piacun represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. Our personal injury litigators have taken hundreds of malpractice cases to trial and regularly obtain verdicts and settlements worth the maximum allowed by state law.

Two of the most potentially devastating forms of medical malpractice are surgical errors and misdiagnosis of an illness or injury. Practicing medicine can be very difficult in many cases. However, these forms of malpractice are generally easily prevented by using common-sense methods.

What Is A Surgical Error?

A surgical error is a mistake by the surgeon or other member of the surgical team that unnecessarily harms the patient. Common examples include:

  • Leaving behind a surgical sponge or other tool that was supposed to be removed from the patient’s body before the end of the operation
  • Operating on the wrong body part such as removing the left foot instead of the diseased right foot
  • Giving the patient an improper dose of anesthesia, or using a drug to which the patient is known to be allergic

Your surgeon may hold your life in his or her hands. Even if you survive a critical mistake, it can cost you your independence, your ability to work and raise your children, and your quality of life.

The Effects Of Misdiagnosis

A preventable misdiagnosis occurs when your doctor fails to use proper procedure when trying to find out what your condition is. For example, he or she could ignore you as you describe your symptoms, or fail to order the necessary tests. Your untreated condition could grow worse, or you could suffer the side effects of an unnecessary and improper treatment.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

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