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Is someone liable for your traumatic brain injuries?

We see clients at all phases of their recovery from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Regardless of the severity of their initial injuries, all face a long road to recovery. Some will sadly never fully return to the lives they once led prior to the accident that caused their brain injuries.

How can I help my signifcant other live with a TBI?

If you are the spouse or partner of a person in Louisiana who has experienced a traumatic brain injury, perhaps after a serious motor vehicle accident, you will know that life as you once lived it will be forever changed. The exact challenges that your loved one may face might be slightly different than someone else with a TBI but there are often types of tasks that present common challenges to people with TBIs. Learning how to work around these will be important for you and your partner.

Traumatic brain injury affects your earning potential

When people suffer traumatic brain injuries in Louisiana, they may worry about their financial future. How will they care for their families? How will they care for themselves? Will they become an economic burden on their loved ones? These are just some of the many questions a person may feel overwhelmed by.

Understanding different types of comas

The ramifications of a brain injury can severely impact the life of a person in Metairie. After sustaining a head trauma, a person may enter a state of unconsciousness known as a coma. Comas vary in their severity, and unfortunately some people never emerge from one. WebMD explains the different types of comas that exist and their levels of severity.

Brain injuries in the workplace

People sustain brain injuries in countless ways, whether their brain is injured as a result of medical malpractice or they are involved in a motor vehicle collision. In this post, we will look into some of the issues surrounding brain injuries that occur in the workplace, from the ways in which these injuries can take place to the options that may be available to victims afterward. If you recently sustained a brain injury while working, it is imperative to take advantage of any resources that are available to help you move on.

How to prevent a traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have lifelong ramifications for Louisiana residents. This potentially severe head injury occurs in many different ways, such as from playing sports, falls or as a result of maritime, workplace, traffic or recreational accidents. It is important to learn how to best prevent these brain traumas from happening. 

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